Full of Flowers

Natural interior perfume with a full feminine floral scent.



Clear penetrating scent of Geranium with the upper accent of fresh Bergamot, complemented by the warm scent of Tea Rose, earthy Rosewood and Laurel.


How long will the perfume last?

50ml in room approx. 15-30 m² about 7 weeks
100ml in room approx. 25-40 m² about 14 weeks

The perception of the scent intensity is individual, the strength of the scent can be regulated by the number of sticks dipped in perfume.


  • 10ml, 50ml or 100ml glass bottle with cork stopper. A set of sticks is included
  • Pure natural product free from colorants and preservatives
  • Handmade from BIO ingredients


Bergamot essential oil
Geranium pink essential oil
Rosewood essential oil
Laurel essential oil
Rose centifolia essential oil

*Liquid is glycerin-based from Renewable Sources.
*All ingredients have natural origin.


1. Open the bottle. Keep the bottle stopper in case you want to close the it again.

2. Place the diffuser in a place where the air flows naturally, out of reach of children and animals.

3. Insert included sticks into the bottle. Wait until the fragrant essences soak in, which might take several hours. You can speed up the process by turning the sticks upside down after a while.

4. You can regulate the intensity of the smell by the number of inserted sticks.Turning the sticks upside down every 3-4 days also helps.

5. The bottle can be re-used by refilling it and using new sticks.



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